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Welcome to Filled With Love Co.
I am Jossy, the creator of Filled With Love Co.
I absolutely love being creative! I put love and positive energy into everything that I make.
I am obsessed with pink, making things look pretty, filling ALL spaces with beautiful scents, I love a crime podcast, gangsta rap and of course a good Netflix binge session!

As well as candles and crystals, I also make handmade story stones. I created these to spark children’s imaginations through storytelling, speech and sensory play.

Want to know how we got here? ‘Started from the bottom, now we here!’ Words from my friend Drake.
Let's flashback to 2014, when candle making was my hobby. I was obsessed with creating the perfect candle, that’s scent hit you as soon as you walked into a room. In the past, I had lost so much money on candles that just didn’t do their job! I was determined to nail this and my close friends who know me best, know that when I put my mind to it, I can’t stop until I have achieved what I have set out to do.
I am happy to say I achieved this and more!

My daughter was the inspiration for my story stones. She needed a sensory aid to help her to adjust at day care drop offs. From there, our selection of story stones grew, I couldn’t do just one, I had to create sets for every child’s favourite book or hero.
You can check out all of the different options on my website.

My goal + vision when I launched my Bizz was to ensure I kept my prices affordable, so everyone could enjoy these luxuries without breaking the bank.
I want my candles to fill homes with amazing scents while also becoming a beautiful style piece in your home.
It is important to me that I use non-toxic and safe products, sourced within Australia.
Our candles are renewable and all glasses can be recycled, refilled or reused.

So, while you are here to buy a candle for yourself, you may also find a gift for your child, family or friends! Just know every product is handmade for you, filled with love and care every time.

Thank you so much for supporting my journey, my little Bizz and making my dreams come true!