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Choose from these classic story stone sets:

- 3 little pigs
- Baby shark
- Outta space inc 11 stones
- Dinosaurs inc 11 stones
- Pirates 14 stones - large set

What are story stones:
Story stones are a beautiful unique way for your child to use their imagination through story telling, play trays, communication, counting, memory games and so much more. You can even take your stones outdoor for play in sandpits ect.

Product details:
Each stone is handmade, our stones are inspired from books, tv shows & movies, some of our artwork we have painted ourselves or we buy from talented artists.
Stones are sealed using non toxic varnish and approx 10cm x 5cm each.
As these are handmade no stone is ever the same as another.

Caring for stones:
Over time wear and tear can occur, to get the most out of these loved stones don’t get them wet, don’t throw or drop them on hard surfaces as they can break.
Not suitable for children under 36 months. We recommend that young children playing with us should do so under parental supervision

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